Apero Online has a single client to access all of your accounts:

  • Log in with your email address and create multiple accounts to be able to connect multiple characters at the same time
  • View server data (Monsters, Items, Quests and Shop)

If you wish to create a new game account, you must do so on the website in your account.

Please note: It is strictly prohibited to modify customer data. It has automatic controls that will detect anomalies. If it turns out that the client has been consciously modified to optimize performance, you risk being permanently banned.

Windows 10 / 11 version

Download the updater (66 MB) which will allow you to select an installation folder and perform all the necessary updates.
Please note, the patcher can also be updated to add features. You must not modify or move the game folders to allow their correct installation. If you want to use Apero in portable mode, use the unpacked version.

The application is not officially declared and signed for Windows, you must click on 'Learn more' and run anyway to launch the installer.

Download the client for Windows 10 / 11 (Recommended)


This version can be used in the following boxes:

  • You have a Windows 7/8 computer
  • You do not have installation rights on your computer

Please note: This version will not be updated and you will not have all the features provided to the launcher. This will only allow you to access the game and character creation.

It is recommended to use the packaged version to benefit from the full gaming experience.

Download the portable client (not updated)



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