This page contains all the rules defined so that the game goes as well as possible on Apero Online. this list is not exhaustive and may be improved over time based on behaviors and suggestions.

Each update will be notified on the discord server and all players must have read the rules.

Life style

Apero was created with the aim of reliving/living the Ragnarök Online experience. I ask you to respect the rules of common sense within the community:

✓ Treat other players with respect;
✓ Respect the differences in level and assume that everyone can help you and give you advice;
✓ Make careful use of colloquial language. If you have just met someone, he or she is not necessarily going to guess your intention.
✓ Debates, exchanges of ideas and opinions, mutual assistance are encouraged if they are done with mutual respect.

✗ Conversations in the various discord server rooms as well as in-game exchanges must be done with respect. Therefore, pseudonyms, group names, shop names, and chat window names created in-game aimed at insulting another player are prohibited
✗ Provocation, threats, harassment towards another player or a member of staff, incitement to conflict are prohibited on the discord server and in game.
✗ Real or virtual identity theft is prohibited. Any player pretending to be another will be punished.
✗ Pornographic content is prohibited. Players broadcasting this type of content (image, video, audio, text) will be punished. 
✗ Pseudonyms, group names, shop names, and chat window names created in-game that have a sexual nature are prohibited. Allusions to pornographic sites are also prohibited.
✗ Any form of discrimination, racism, homophobia, incitement to hatred will be heavily sanctioned.
✗ Public settling of scores on the discord server or in-game will not be tolerated.
✗ Spam, flooding, abuse of capital letters, excessive use of mentions are prohibited.
✗ It is not allowed to publicly expose a player who violates the server rules. You must privately notify a team member.
✗ Dissemination of personal information about another player is prohibited.
✗ Do not use real in-game currency. If requested to do so, contact an administrator.

In the event of violation of these rules, you expose yourself to:
- A channels global ban
- Forced character renaming
- Temporary or permanent banishment in the event of repeat offenses


Do not use third-party programs and do not circumvent the system, you have nothing to gain from it.

✓ Each player has a unique account that allows you to create multiple game accounts. This allows you to multi-client under the same identity and share data between your accounts;

✗ Customer modification programs (Grey World) are prohibited;
✗ Programs allowing to play automatically (BOT);
✗ Programs that allow you to use macros or increase your in-game abilities are prohibited;
✗ Circumvention of the various rules is prohibited.

Each technical action allowing the modification of the customer will result in a definitive banishment of the account.



New ? Read the rules and join us!