Apero offers different services to improve the gaming experience. These different services are available in the capital.

Map capitale



You have at your disposal a free cities and dungeons warper. The cities are accessible from base. For dungeons, you need to find the explorer inside and give/show him the requested item. He can give you access via the Warper.

Job Change:

You can change jobs in the main building without doing the quests.


The healer is paid according to your level:

  • If you are below level 60 it is free and gives you an Agi up + Blessing
  • In rebirth, Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul linker, the price is (Level+1) * 25. The maximum price is 2500z
  • For other classes, the price is (Level+1) * 12.5. Max price is 1250z
  • You can get a Healer Pass which allows you to halve the costs. This item is available from the Job Changer and healer when you reach the maximum price and you have never used the services of the Job Changer.

You also have a 20 second delay before receiving a new heal.

Private room:

You can get a private room for 100,000z to use your dead branches.

Weekly exp quests:

You can benefit from weekly quests to gain experience more easily. You can do them at any level for all of your characters. On the other hand, they are not repeatable in the week:

  • Easy: 100 monsters - 1M Exp - Level min : 40
  • Medium: 150 monsters - 5 MExp - Level min : 70
  • Hard: 200 monsters - 25MExp - Level min : 90

When you complete a quest for the first time of the week on your main account, you earn bonus items with a Costume Ticket that can be used with the Hatter.

Race of the day:

A race is honored every day. This allows you to recover 5% more experience. (Bonus stackable with xp increase cards on shoes).

Magic items :

Some available items can help you in your gaming experience:

  • Magnetic vacuum cleaner: Global Autoloot in an area of ​​15 squares
  • Boosting Book: Allows you to act/injure yourself in town if you have a pineapple available at the tool dealer.


You have a number of services that allow you to modify the characteristics of your characters and equipment. These services are adjusted so that they can help you optimize your characters, while keeping the initial spirit.
This system was designed within the framework of a right to error and not of a complete modification. For example, if you max level a character, you won't be able to completely change its function (A combat Whitesmith won't be able to transform into a blacksmith).

Reset skills:

Skill reset costs 450,000z

Reset statistics:

The reset works in stages, depending on what statistics you have mounted, you will have an incompressible stage at the reset:

  • If your character has exceeded 90 in a stat once, it cannot drop below 80 again;
  • If your character has exceeded 75 in a stat once, it will not be able to drop below 50 again;
  • If your character has exceeded 50 in a stat once, it will not be able to drop below 20 again.

Resetting stats costs 450,000z. Your character will be reset to the minimum tiers.

Global reset :

You can do a global reset for 5Mz. On the other hand, you will have to wait 3 weeks before being able to do another reset on a character in your master account.

Dark Magician:

Allows a total reset of statistics (Hard quest). It is located in Niflheim.

Card Magician:

The magician costs 200,000z base + 25,000z per card to remove. You have no risk of breakage and the operation is without failure. On the other hand, you have a period of 3 days to renew the operation on all of your characters belonging to your main account.

Character Customization


You can change your appearance for free from the stylist.


Each hat can be converted into a costume for a Costume Ticket which can be obtained through weekly quests. It is also possible to preview costumes from the cash shop.


Some costumes can also be recolored for free !

Game Currencies


Zeny is the basic currency in Ragnarok Online.

Cash Point:

Cash Points can be obtained by voting for the server, directly via the Patcher's Vote button. (The name of one of your accounts will be automatically entered, you'll just have to solve the captcha).

With these points, you can buy various items in the shop (mainly costumes, nothing excessive) by clicking InGame on the CASH icon to the left of the mini map.

 Event Coin:

Automatic events on Apero allow you to earn Event coins. You can exchange them with the NPCs in the event zone, accessible via the Warper. Purchases can be topped up with Cash Points.


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