Welcome to Apero Online

Private ragnarok server



Pre-renewal server with
MVP instances


Middle rate 12/12/5
MVP cards at 0.01%


Multi-Client Master Account
(Storage, Warper, ...)

Caractéristique 4

Custom launcher with
anti cheat module

Patch notes

Act 5 - Under The Sea

This update contains new monsters, maps and equipment. Brasilis arrives on Apero and you with the possibility of accessing Izlude 5 with the possibility of fighting the pending Kraken.
Act 5 also allows us to revisit the Endless Tower Challenge.

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Retrouvez l'ensemble des mises à jour de contenu
Apero-Online est un serveur évolutif qui a sa propre histoire !

Ouverture du serveur !

March 2023 - Server opens on the last episode before Wounded Morroc

Hermit Island

June 2023 - The Hermit Island Volcano has woken up. This new adventure will allow you to access a new instance.

Nightmare Amon RA

August 2023 - You can now visit the Morrocc Castle Crypt and attempt to defeat Nightmare Amon RA.

New World

Find all pre-renewal New World content on Apero: Mid Camp, Splendide, Manuk and Nidhoggur's Nest. Job repeatable quests are also present in this version.

El Dicastes

Janvier 2024 - Join Manuk's army and access new areas to destroy Scaraba Hall.

Under the sea

Juin 2024 - Brasilis arrive sur Apero et vous avec la possibilité d'accéder à Izlude 5 avec la possibilité de combattre le Kraken en instance.

Système de jeu

You have a master account system that allows you to associate several game accounts in order to benefit from a multi-client experience (Priest in town, secondary character for a service during an instance, ...). Your storage and your bank account are shared across all game accounts. There are also some services that are associated with your game account, such as the ability to withdraw cards from your equipment.

Key features:

  • Max level: 99/50 - rebirth 99/70
  • Exp, job, quests rates: 12
  • Rates drop: 5 (Cards at 0.10% and MVP cards at 0.01%)
  • Statistics: max 99, aspd 190 and no cast 150dex

NPCs and services:

  • Job changer (Discount on healer in advanced class if you don't use it)
  • Warper towns and level 1 dungeons with quests
  • Healer
  • Dislotter with delay on the master account
  • Reset with delay on the master account
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Unlike the base game, Apero has an instance system that allows you to face the most coveted bosses in the game.
Instance bosses are no longer on their original maps. You must form a party to access the combat zone. This system promotes teamwork.

The monsters below are pending:

  • Detale
  • Thanatos
  • Vesper
  • Valkyrie
  • Beelzebub
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Apero provides temporary events that allow you to win boxes. These events are happening temporarily and allow the possibility of recovering utility objects (AD, EDP, Potions) in addition to exclusive costumes.

Other events are set up:

  • Woe: Sunday evening 9 p.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Endless tower: Monday to Saturday (The team of 4 who reach the highest during the week wins rewards and access to the payon guild dungeon)

Some equipment has been reworked, here is the list of items available for quests.

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On Apero, you have 3 automatic events per day. Each event allows you to earn Event Coins which can be exchanged for rewards.
This currency can be combined with the Vote Coins that you can obtain by voting for the server.
Other events are also offered depending on the number of players connected, you can consult the event history on the website.


There are 3 automatic event sessions: 10:10 a.m., 4:10 p.m. and 8:10 p.m. Each session allows you to earn Event Coins
which are exchangeable for numerous prizes which can be cosmetic or utility. You can also accumulate Event Coins with your Cash Shop points obtained with votes.

Next event : Disguise event ( 20h10 )

Each event will be announced 10 minutes before so you can get to the area. Good luck !


One-off events can be organized depending on the number of players.
Events can be announced on Discord and in-game, get ready!

Last winners

  • 11/07 20:07 - Phepix
    2 Apero Headgear Box
  • 11/07 20:07 - Gmal
    1 Apero Headgear Box
  • 11/07 19:07 - Latsu
    1 Apero Headgear Box


Today you gain 5% additional experience on monsters of the race Insect !

Here are the experience quests available this week:

  • Easy quest : 100 Stone Shooter
  • Medium quest : 150 The Paper
  • Hard quest : 200 Frus

Each quest earns you bonus experience with a Costume Ticket


New ? Read the rules and join us!