In order to maintain a consistent gaming experience, some points have been changed from the official server. The points below are subject to change, but they provide a clearer view of the customizations specific to Apero.


This server is pre-renewal, it is based on the latest versions of the game before the arrival of classes 3. The objective is not to transcribe the various updates of Ragnarok in an evolutionary server.

However, the latest pre-renewal patches have incorporated mechanics and equipment that do not promote diversity. Wounded Morroc will therefore not be implemented as it is: We have no interest in having a single MVP who regulates the equipment of almost all classes on the server and forces you to wait an hour on a grave every 12 hours. So you can enjoy the old Morroc maps.

If you have any ideas/suggestions on how to implement these adventures, you can talk about it freely on Discord.


Apero takes over the pre-renewal experience system.

Repeatable quests are disabled. These quests are offset by custom systems.

Race of the day:

A race is honored every day. This allows you to recover 5% more experience. (Bonus stackable with xp increase cards on shoes).

Weekly Quests:

Weekly quests available in capital.


Parties cannot have shared experience above 10 levels apart. However, if you are more than 6 different master accounts in the game. It is possible to have a difference of 15 levels.
For each game that does not have a double account (each character is associated with a different master account) there is an xp bonus according to the following table:

Number of playersBonus
5 and ++20%

If you are on a shared account, the associated master account will be that of the current player.


The autoloot is available in the form of a magnetic vacuum cleaner which is recoverable for free in the capital. Some points have been adjusted compared to the command generally implemented:

  • You can't add/remove items to remove from the autoloot (You either vacuum everything up or everything falls to the ground)
  • If you are more than 20 cells away when the monster is killed, the items automatically fall to the ground and can be picked up by another player (Take this constraint into consideration during MVP hunts)
  • You can't sit idle for more than 25 seconds with a Homunculus. From then on, the objects will be put on the ground.

The other commands below are enabled

@expAllows you to display your current experience with the rest to pass to the next level.
@mobinfo / @miDisplays database information on a given monster.
@iteminfo / @iiDisplays database information about a given object.
@whodropsAllows you to retrieve monsters that drop the requested item.
@timeGet the current time from the server.
@hominfoDisplays the general characteristics of the homunculus.
@homstatsDisplays homunculus stats.
@showexpAllows you to display the experience gained on each monster (value and percentage in relation to the level)
@refreshRefreshes the screen in case of unwanted graphical effects.
@noksProtects you from monsters that aren't free for all from the moment you hit it.
@autotradeAllows you to disconnect your character for sale.
You cannot stay more than 2 weeks in autotrade. The server automatically kicks merchants after this time.
@requestSend a message to the admin team if they are logged in.
@whereisAllows you to know the different cards for a given watch.
@whosellSearch for an item in all open shops
@whobuySearch for an item in all buying shops
@showexpDisplays received experience
@commandsList all available commands
@killcountAllows you to count the number of monsters killed. There are 5 slots available shared on the same master account.
@showrareAllows you to have an alert when a rare item is recovered.


In order to compensate for the different rates and keep the economy consistent, some monsters have been adjusted. The items below are dropped according to the official rates:

Succubus Diamond rings are at the rate of 2.5%
Incubus The diamond rings are at the rate of 1.5%
The golds rings are at the rate of 5%
Sleeper The Great Nature are at the rate of 35%
Mavka Crystal Mirrors are at the rate of 40%
Witherless Roses are at the rate of 3%

Some slaves could be tricked into collecting various rare items. In Apero, the first wave of slaves conforms to the official server. When the boss does an encore, he'll summon other ghost slaves that don't drop items.
This concerns the following monsters:

Bacsojin Slaves do not allow you to collect TanTan Noodle and Green Maiden card after refresh.
Byorgue Slaves do not allow you to collect Orleans Glove after refreshing.
Valkyrie Randgris Slaves do not allow you to recover Valkyrian Shield after refreshing.

Some selling prices have also been adjusted to better control the economy:

ObjectSale price
Frozen Rose17.500z -> 5.000z
Khukri120.000z-> 25.000z
Stiletto9.750z-> 7.000z
Pearl3.000z -> 2.500z
Piece of Cake1.500z -> 1.100z
Royal Jelly3.500z -> 2.500z
Mastela Fruit4.250z-> 3.000z
Old blue box10.000z -> 1.000z



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