Nightmare Amon RA

The Amon RA nightmare instance allows you to unlock a series of Lower Headgers with stats.
You can do it in a group or alone.

This quest has 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Find the crypt entrance in Morrocc Castle and gather the 5 mercenaries to defeat Nightmare Amon RA
  • Step 2: Access the crypt and set the mercenaries to be able to access Nightmare Amon RA (It is better to face him accompanied)
  • Step 3: Use his spirit to create a Lower Head that will give you additional stats

Steps 2 and 3 are repeatable to complete your inventory.

This quest is not very complicated in terms of equipment / level, it is just long:

  • You must have access to Thor Camp, Abbey and Hermit Island
  • The second phase will ask you for items that are not very accessible (including one available only in old blue box)
  • The third phase will give you a set of random MVP items. The number of objects requested by MVP is fixed according to the complexity and the respawn time of this one.




Durée max de l'instance

25 min

Niveau minimum

75 +



Lower head au choix : STR+1 / AGI+1 / LUK+1 / VIT+1 / DEX+1 / INT+1 / HIT +5 ATK +2 ASPD +1% / SP +30 MDEF +3 / Flee +5 Perfect Dodge +2 Crit +3 / HP +1% DEF +1 [Swordman]DEF +1

Step 1: Opening the crypt (Not repeatable)

Prerequisites Description
  • 10 Red Blood
  • 10 Dark Crystal Fragments
  • 10 Red spice
  • 10 Firecracker
  • 10 Chonchon Doll
  • Thor camp
  • Abbey


You need to speak to Userpto in Morrocc Castle (moc_castle,95,56) to get more information about the crypt. He will redirect you to Sobekjet (moc_castle,16,119) which will ask you to recruit 5 mercenaries before you can access the crypt:

  1. Thorraho (prt_castle,133,167)
  2. Saiso (yuno_in03,177,67)

  3. Saneh (gef_tower,64,46)

  4. Ouksai (thor_camp,250,284)

  5. Hotis (abbey03,230,142)

Each mercenary will ask you for 10 items to join your ranks. When the mercenaries have been recruited, return to Sobekjet who will open the crypt for you (moc_castle,140,86).

At the end of this game, you gain 5,000,000 base exp and 1,000,000 job exp (minimum level 75).

Stage 2: Fight against Nightmare Amon RA (Repeatable)

Prerequisites Description
  • 10 Skirt of Virgin
  • 7 Black dystuffs
  • 50 Black cat doll
  • 100 Evil horns
  • 45 Little Evil Wing
  • 1 Hand of God
  • 1 Funeral Hat
  • About 2Mz

Defeat Nightmare Amon RA within 25 minutes. Be careful, you will have to restart a random mini-quest in case of failure.

Nightmare Amon RA has the same stats as the original with 2x more HP.


In the crypt, you must complete 4 quests with the different mercenaries. All quests must be completed to access the instance.

  1. Thorraho: You have to win at rock/paper/scissors. Each try will cost you 1 Mz. He uses the same game methods as his brother Hein in Niflheim (Lvl 4 Weapons Quest).
  2. Saiso (yuno_in03,177,67): You must provide him with a Funeral Hat available in the old blue box and old purple box

  3. Saneh (gef_tower,64,46): You must provide him with a series of objects so that he can create his doll

  4. Ouksai (thor_camp,250,284): He needs to exterminate 150 Ancient Mummy

When the quests are done, you can return to Hotis in the center of the map.

Attention, here are the rules of the fight against Nightmare Amon RA:

  • You have 25 minutes to defeat it and exit the room (Kill the MVP, and complete the quest with Sobekjet)
  • Nightmare Amon RA has 2 times more HP than the original. his skills remain unchanged
  • You can get help from a maximum of 4 people (double accounts allowed)
  • To be able to help you, your teammate must be in your game and have access to the crypt
  • When a person is out, it is not possible to re-enter
  • If you fail, you will have to do another quest from the 4 mentioned above.
  • It is not possible to group quests: You must trigger one instance per character doing the quest.

Once Nightmare Amon RA is defeated, you can return to Sobekjet to give you a Spirit of Amon RA.


Step 3 - Creation of the leaf

Prerequisites Description

1 Spirit of Amon RA (Not tradable), plus 3 sets from:

  • 12 Fragment of Rossata Stone
  • 1 Spicy Band
  • 1 Corsair
  • 9 Ba Gua
  • 16 Fang of Haiti
  • 1 Golden Mace
  • 8 Pocket Watch
  • 1 Zephyrus
  • 8 Piece of Shield
  • 1 Coronet
  • 1 Staff Of Bordeaux
  • 1 Assassin Dagger
  • 12 Broken Pharaoh Emblem
  • 1 Sucsamad
  • 4 Gemstones
Access Hermit Island


When you have recovered your Spirit, you can go to Lusiso at Hermit Island (herm_in01,35,77). It will offer you several flower sets in Lower Headgear versus MVP item types.

For each set, you will collect a random flower. When the flower is collected, you can start the quest again from the crypt.


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