Patch notes

Act 2 - Hermit Island

The volcano on Hermit Island has awakened. Find Kirbolt in Alberta for more information. This new adventure will allow you to access new maps with a new instance.
This update also includes cards on the monsters of Moscovia.
All object descriptions remain available in the patcher database.

main quest

The volcano of Hermit Island has awakened. You need to find Kirbolt in alberta (70,125). The quest is not instructed for the moment on the site to give you the possibility of discovering all the specificities.

It will allow you:

  • Access Hermit Island in phase 1 with 2 outdoor maps and 3 indoor maps.
  • Access the pending volcano at the end of phase 2 to fight the MVP.

The quest can be done solo. However, you will need help to cross the dungeon for characters with a low level.

The instance is accessible to groups of 5. It is classified as medium difficulty. The information will be present on the site one month after the update to let you discover the game system.

New items

Item Description
Ninja Glove [1]
A glove that grows in strength with you.
Hit +10
Class: Accessories
Weight: 20
Level Requirement: 60
Jobs: Ninja
Ninja Scale Armor [1]
Scale Armor told to be worn by a legendary ninja who used unique ninja skills. Specialized for close range attack.
Dex +1
When combined with Ninja Glove:
Increases damage of Throw Kunai by 100%.
Class: Armour
Weight: 150
Defense: 5
Level Requirement: 60
Jobs: Ninja

Bone plate [1]
Dark Plated Armor covered with sharp bones.
Str +1, Luk +1, Mdef +3
Defense: 7
Weight: 100
Level Requirement: 85
Jobs: Transcendent Merchant / Swordman Classes

Armor Enchant (Stat Addition)

Imperial Boots [1]
Aristocratic shoes with the emblem of Rune Midgarts.
Receive 1% less damage from Boss monster per refine rate.
+Imperial Coat:
Increase Maximum HP by 400.
Class: Armour
Weight: 35
Defense: 3
Level Requirement: 50
Jobs: All except Novice

These boots have been added to Samurai specter.

Imperial Coat [1]
A noble cloak engraved with the emblem of Rune Midgarts.
Max HP +200
FLEE +10
+Imperial Boots:
Increase Maximum HP by 400.
Class: Armor
Weight: 50
Defense: 2
Level Requirement: 50
Jobs: All except Novice


New monsters

This update adds new monsters with specific characteristics. Some monsters already known in pre-renewal are implanted.

Monster Drops
Ancient Tree
Dead tree cane
Vital tree Shoes
Giant Hornet
Double bound
Pom Spider
Ninja Glove [1]

Imperial Manteau [1]
Cross Shield [1]

MVP - General Daehon
Ninja Scale Armor [1]
Bone plate [1]


Each monster has a card:

Illustration Description

Pom Spider Card

Dex +2
Def +1
Has a 3% chance to absorb 4% of the damage as SP when physically attacking.
Compound on: Accessory

Firebulk Card

DEF + 2
Increase resistance to Fire Property attacks by 10%.
Compound on: Armor

Soheon Card

Def +1
Maximum HP + 10%
Gunslinger Card Set
- Soheon Card
- Pom Spider Card
- Vavayaga Card
Maximum SP + 5%.
Has a 3% chance to absorb 4% of the damage as SP when physically attacking.


Daehyon Card

ATK +100
Compound on: Weapon


Moscovia cards

New cards are available in moscovia! It is possible to pick up the Gunslinger combo.

Carte Description
Les Card
Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Wind elemental monsters by 30%.
Compound on: Shield
Mavka Card
For every refine level of the compounded gear, FLEE +2.
Compound on: Footgear
Uzhas Card
When a Plant type monster is killed, add a chance of gaining a lucky food item.
Compound on: Accessory
Vavayaga Card
Increases long range physical attack by 10%.
Enable a 3% chance of gaining 10% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack.
[Gunslinger Card Set]
-Soheon Card
-Pom Spider Card
-Vavayaga Card
Maximum SP + 5%
Gunslinger only :
Has a 3% chance to absorb 4% of the damage as SP when physically attacking.
Compound on: Weapon
Wood Goblin Card
Increases physical damage inflicted on Water and Earth elemental monsters by 5%.
Increases physical damage taken from Water and Earth elemental monsters by 5%.
Gopinich Card
Restores 5 SP when hitting a target.
Increases SP cost by 50%.
Compound on: Headgear



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