Patch notes

Halloween 2023

The Halloween event is coming to Apero. It will end on November 5 at midnight.

This event is built around player cooperation. Tozak needs energy to earn you unique costumes and bonuses.
How to recover energy?
Each time an MVP dies, Tozak gains an energy point. You also have the possibility of recovering special runes from all monsters at the same rate as the card. Tozac will also gain 1 energy point for each rune reported.


Here  what you can earn with the Halloween event depending on the energy accumulated on the server:

  • 250 - Special Costume
  • 500 - Special Costume
  • 750 - Special Costume
  • 1000 - Kimi Instance with Special Costume for participants if defeated
  • 1250 - Special Costume
  • 1500 - Free Healer until the end of the event
  • 1750 - Special Costume
  • 2000 - Bonus xp by floating rates on November 4 and 5

A few rules:

  • You cannot collect runes from immobile monsters (Ant egg, Hydra, etc.)
  • To have 1 costume, you must personally accumulate points via runes. Each costume will be exchanged for 3 points. If you want all the costumes, you will have to collect 15 runes throughout the event
  • The Kimi instance is not subject to rune recovery, it is a global server event, everyone can enter the area at 8:30 p.m. to collect the costume
  • You cannot accumulate costumes on your master account.
  • If you use a loaned account, the costume will be considered given to your master account and all the runes reported will be assigned to your master account.



New ? Read the rules and join us!