Patch notes

Opening !

Beta is over. Players who participated will be rewarded.
You can find here all the features available at the opening.

Game design

You can only create one master account. Master accounts created as part of the Beta will be retained. However, I will reset the game accounts.

You can create new game accounts through the patcher. It is also possible to share these accounts if you want to make Guild accounts for example.

The master account will be used:

  • For the warper (you have one dungeon backup per master account)
  • For the cooldown on the de-slotter
  • For weekly quest rewards (costume ticket)
  • All the quests present on the site are available.
  • I started by dealing with the relatively simple quests so that you can benefit from the first customizations.

Instances are also available. Attention, they can be adjusted according to the difficulty.

I ask you to read the different rules carefully. I will update them over time by notifying you on Discord.
Beware of software that allows you to modify the use of the client: Gray World, Macros, ... They are strictly prohibited.
Everyone should be able to have fun.


New ? Read the rules and join us!